Friday, April 02, 2010

Studies show girls prefer bad boys over good guys

"Women... they choose the good-looking bad boys over the not-so-good-looking good guys, and when they get hurt, they say that all men are the same - bad."

I can't remember the exact date but I recall posting the above passage (something I just made up as influenced by women I know) as my status in Facebook in the not-so-distant past. I got some feeback from friends because of it, most from women and often contesting the validity of my claim.

Girls dig bad boys. That's the truth and it sucks. But on second thought...

I'm not actually a goody-two-shoe. I'm far from being the Boy Scout who helped the old lady cross the street and I have a knack for pulling pranks and hanging out with the boys.

However, I'm not what you can categorize as a certified bad boy. At least not as bad as the ladies would like. I don't ride a Harley Davidson, I don't have a kick ass attitude, I don't have a wicked tattoo or body piercing, I'm not athletic, I don't strut a highly noticeable hairdo or facial hair, and I keep my flabs instead of working on six packs and bluging biceps.

So that puts me somewhere in the gray area. Not good enough.

Since time immemorial, women preferred genuine 'bad boys' over 'average Joes' and 'good guys'. And no, this ain't purely opinionated no more. There are now scientific studies done to support this claim and I hope it diffuses any hot-tempered woman gearing up for a debate.

Time and time again, I hear a female co-worker or friend wailing in sorrow or muttering in annoyance from a disappointing partner - one she loves so much and can't live without though he is obviously not doing her any good. Women are such masochists.

Now I ain't gonna explain to all of you why and how this phenomenon occurs. I'm simply trying to help women snap out of that spell. Ladies! Head over heart. If you think hubby, honey, babes or whatever you call him is just hurting or disappointing you, feel free let go. Start using your brain and don't let your emotions get the best of you. If this trend keeps up, the good guys will be convinced to turn into bad bananas and the next thing you know, the only options you have left for a lifetime partner are gangsters, hoodlums or players.

Bad is the new cool, and unfortunately, ladies look for a good man somewhere else when the one in front of her was overlooked because she was looking for someone bad. And if the trend continuous, guys out there might as well start working on the Harley Davidson and the kick ass attitude. After all, nice guys finish last. -Marlone Viardo

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