Friday, April 09, 2010

Yellow ribbons, orange checkmarks and everything in between

With the 10th of May 2010 looming upon us, expect political candidates to intensify their respective campaigns so they could leave a strong mark and a good impression to the Filipino people.

Of all the positions up for grabs in the upcoming National Elections, none is as important and as controversial as the Presidential race, headlined by the Liberal Party's Sen. Noynoy Aquino, and Nacionalista Party's Sen. Manny Villar.

Now this blog entry wasn't meant to talk about those two guys. NO! And why should it? I mean, they got their ads to speak for themselves. Not to mention an array of speakers/endorsers that includes Dolphy, Michael V., and Kris Aquino to name a few. I'm here to root for the 'other' candidates. And why is that? I think that there are those among the 'others' that are more worthy of our votes. But before we could talk about the 'others', it is inevitable that Villar and Aquino will be in the conversation because they are considered as the standard that the 'other' candidates have to reach if they want to get a shot at the coveted seat in MalacaƱang.

Let's discuss Noynoy first. I did some research online and learned that his accomplishments are pale in comparison to that of his opponents. Even reports from programs of local broadcasting stations say that during his tenure as a public servant, he has little to show for. Seriously, very few people know or care about this guy prior to the death of former Pres. Corazon Aquino. And he probably wouldn't even run for president if it didn't happen. That's why it took him long before he announced his desire to become the guy to run the country at the Club Filipino.

Even so, this guy is still winning the hearts of Filipinos. How? By banking on his parents' and sister's rep. Nothing wrong with that, but c'mon, Ninoy and Cory are different people. Don't expect Noynoy to die for us or free us from a dictator. Times have changed. In addition, aren't we being blinded by the adage 'the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree'?

Oh, and before I forget, Noynoy's senatorial line-up includes former NEDA chief Ralph Recto, the guy who passed the E-Vat law. Nuff said.

Now, let's talk about Villar. Of all the candidates running for president, this guy seems to be the one hounded by controversies the most. And the funny thing is he always goes up against old geezers. In 1998, Rep. Joker Arroyo accused Villar of various conflicts of interest and breaches of ethical standards with regards to his status as both lawmaker and real estate developer. Come 2009, it's Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile raining on his parade with the C5 extension project.

Furthermore, my most vivid memory of Villar is that he is the best political butterfly there is. This guy slipped into national consciousness by making a habit of switching sides. He was originally part of Erap's Laban ng Makabayang Masang Pilipino (LAMMP) party when he won a seat in the House of Representatives. He then turned his back on the former president due to allegations of corruption. Afterwards, he supported PGMA in ousting Erap and wins himself the seat of the Senate President in the process. Then he aligned himself with the likes of Chiz Escudero, Allan Peter Cayetano and co., and then opposes PGMA. Presently, he claims that his team is the 'true' opposition but rumors spreading around the Metro say he is PGMA's secret candidate (ARGH!). Hey! It's 2010. Every one of these so-called public servants is allowed to switch sides once in a while. But why do I get this feeling that this guy would do anything to save his own hide and stay in power?

And just so you would know, he also plans to increase taxes if he becomes president. Yikes! So Noynoy and Villar want to ask more money from the poor people of the Philippines? Geez! Also worth taking note is the fact that Joc Joc Bolante, the primary suspect in the Fertilizer Scam, is running for Governor in Capiz under the Nacionalista party. Hmm…

Now, don't think of me as a hater. I ain't blasting these two guys for kicks. That would be the last thing I want to do. With so many people blasting and criticizing them, I don't want to be one who would force the masses to take pity on them and turn them into underdogs overnight (WTF?). As far fetched as it sounds, it could happen. Take Allen Iverson for example. A lot of people in the media industry blasted him for leaving the Pistons and the Grizzlies. How did he respond? He didn't. The people did it for him. People took pity on him and they voted him as an All-star starter for the Eastern Conference in the 2010 All Star Games. So a shout out to all the other candidates: Stop ganging up on Villar! What're you trying to do? Serve the Presidency to him on a silver platter?

Now if these two guys shouldn't be slugging it out for the Presidency, then who should? Click here to find out. -Just one man's opinion, Marlone Viardo

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