Sunday, May 02, 2010

Review:Iron Man 2

DISCLAIMER: Don't worry, this is not a review that contain spoilers. So read on.

It's the second installment of yet another Stan Lee creation. So does the second movie lived up to the expectations of the fans? The details after the jump

Iron Man 2 is full of technological awesomeness. In fact, you can consider it as technological porn. From Stark's smart phone to his whole house. Everything a geek dreamed of was there. Microsoft's Surface looks like Windows 95 compared to Stark's on the fly interface. The smart phone that looks almost transparent will make Steve Jobs wet his pants. I know this is a Hollywood movie and I'm stupid enough to believe it. I tell you this, Minority Report, a film way back in 2002 showed a future where computers were controlled using any surface. That idea became a reality right?

So I was just saying, with all those technological fetishes and sleek cars, add up some lovely women and we have a movie here for young guys like me!

The special effects were really an eye candy, thanks to Hollywood's advancement in the visual effects department. Tony Stark's one liners add up comedy to the mix. My only gripe here is there are only a few scenes that really looks good on 3D. The fight scenes were scarce. Despite this, I still recommend this movie if you are a marvel fan, or just some geek who fancies technology.

BTW, the poster kinda reminds me of Star Wars

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