Sunday, July 25, 2010

Review: The Last Airbender

James Cameron was first to register the title Avatar. So, Nickelodeon took the title The Last Airbender instead. This movie was full of expectations from the millions of fans who liked the animated series. Did it gave justice to the cartoon or is it another movie adaptation failure? Read on.

The movie was shown earlier this July at the United States and a mix of glee and hate circulated around the interwebs. Even though there were a majority of negative criticism about this film, as a fan, I still chose to watch it. The film, from the perspective of a fan, was good, if it weren't for the disaster of a cast. Don't get me wrong here, the Fire Nation supposed to be possess Chinese like traits, but in the movie, they were Indians, no not American Indians, but Indians who had beaten us on the outsourcing and call center field. Noah Ringer could pass as Aang ,the main protagonist. But Nicola Peltz as Katara, Jackson Rathbone as Sokka and Dev Patel as Zuko, gave me a facepalm and a headache. Seriously. the casting was way off. It's like casting Kim Chiu as Alias or Bong Revilla Jr. as Captain America. The casting totally made me lost concentration on the film.

Next was supposed to be the "3D experience" of the film, even though we haven't watch it on 3D, I think it would be useless anyway. There were not enough "bending" and action to fully use the 3D experience. The only part of the film that looks good on 3D was the last action sequence, which is kinda lame, but the special effects were good. The sound and music was good and the story sticked to the cartoons even though audience who are new to the series will be confused due to the lack of explanations. If it weren't for the poor casting and bad acting, I would have recommended this movie to all my friends and acquaintances. But, alas, it was a nightmare. If Nick could not make this straight in the upcoming sequel (Book Two: Earth), a recast or just kill M. Night Shyamalan, then The Last Airbender will surely lose it fans who sticked to the animated series despite the delays and issues.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Microsoft's New Tagline

Microsoft recently announced its new corporate tagline. Find out after the jump.
"Be what's next"

That's it. As simple as that. I think Microsoft is cooking something and it would be a shocker.

Let's just wait and see.

Friday, July 09, 2010

FHM 100 Sexiest Women In The World 2010

It's been a while since I last posted this list. a lot has changed in the list. A lot of new faces and some acquaintances appeared. Anyway, here's the list

100. Anna Scott
99. Eda Nolan
98. Carla Bianca
97. Mocha
96. Jamilla Obispo
95. Kristine Hermosa

94. Priscilla Meirelles
93. Saicy Aguila
92. Chariz Solomon
91. Bubbles Paraiso
90. Sofie Garrucho
89. Arra Castro
88. Empress Schuck
87. Sexbomb Girls
86. Jaymee Joaquin
85. Rachel Marcial
84. Jem Milton
83. Karylle
82. Megan Young
81. Ryza Cenon
80. Julia Clarete
79. Maggie Wilson
78. Rashel Piazza
77. Paulene So
76. Alodia Gosiengfiao
75. Rich Asuncion
74. Kitty Girls
73. Sheree
72. Rufa Mae Quinto
71. Maricar Reyes
70. Janna Dominguez
69. Abby Poblador
68. Eurasia
67. Maui Taylor
66. Francine Prieto
65. Cherry Kubota
64. Jahziel Manabat
63. LJ Reyes
62. Nikki Gil
61. Eula Valdez
60. Lovi Poe
59. NiƱa Jose
58. Jean Garcia
57. Grace Lee
56. Max Eigenmann
55. Regine Angeles
54. Aubrey Miles
53. Megan Fox
52. Kris Bernal
51. Maureen Larrazabal
50. Andi Eigenmann
49. Paw Diaz
48. Krista Ranillo
47. Jacq Yu
46. Rachel Ann Go
45. Carlene Aguilar
44. Jennica Garcia
43. Bianca Gonzales
42. Alessandra De Rossi
41. Aze Sazaki
40. Toni Gonzaga
39. Ornusa Cadness
38. EB Babes
37. Sarah Geronimo
36. Paloma
35. Michelle Madrigal
34. Bea Alonzo
33. RR Enriquez
32. Sam Pinto
31. Daiana Menezes
30. Iza Calzado
29. Carla Abellana
28. Pauleen Luna
27. Kristel Moreno
26. Valerie Concepcion
25. Heart Evangelista
24. Iya Villania
23. Shaina Magdayao
22. Georgina Wilson
21. Mariel Rodriguez
20. Bianca King
19. KC Conception
18. Anne Curtis
17. Rhian Ramos
16. Diana Zubiri
15. Maja Salvador
14. Kim Chiu
13. Jennylyn Mercado
12. Erich Gonzales
11. Jackie Rice
10. Ehra Madrigal
9. Bangs Garcia
8. Regine Velasquez
7. Katrina Halili
6. Angelica Panganiban
5. Iwa Moto
4. Marian Rivera
3. Cristine Reyes
2. Marisa Miller - Global Winner
1. Angel Locsin - Philippine's Finest

If you want to see the pics, go buy the magazine. It's only P150 and it's available almost everywhere.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Google DevFest 2010

Last July 6, 2010. The GameOPS crew attended the Google DevFest 2010 held at the UP-AyalaLand Technohub. Google talked about the future of the Internet and the World Wide Web. A neat demo of the Google Apps and the jaw-dropping capabilities of HTML5 and the CSS. To be honest, this site of mine is OUTDATED! If I have the time, I'll learn HTML5 and apply it to a major overhaul of this 5-year old website

You can see the pics of the event here