Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why isn't Siopao Master blogging a lot recently?

Some readers had emailed me (I have readers?! srsly?!) and was asking why am I not updating my site like I used to. Well some factors had prohibited distracted me from blogging. Find them out after the jump.

Reason #1

Been active with some events lately, the latest was the disappointing LG sale which wasted my whole Saturday. "Why haven't you blog about it man?", you might ask. Well, I kinda posted it on the GameOPS website. I wanted to add more traffic to my website, but I'd rather post it on GameOPS because I'm 100% sure a lot of people will read it (contrary to some people I know that believed that GameOPS is just a site being run by gay people and losers, poor morons)

Reason #2

Microblogging sites like twitter and plurk were aleady my outlet for some ideas and stuff. Heck, I can post something there even when I'm eating or doing some other stuff.Only those ideas longer than 140 characters are posted here on my blog. So yeah, blame them for the lack of content here (lol)

Reason #3

I'm not the type of blogger who post anything just to have some visitors coming here. I post what interests me and share it with all. I don't post hate content like someone who wrote a 6,000+ words blog which nobody gave a damn reading. I don't also made it checked by others for grammatical errors because I know my English (heh) So yeah, ultimately, my third reason is.. I don't blog crap.

Reason #4

Some of my older posts are still visited until today (like The Rise and Fall of Sandara Park and What Makes Me Proud to be a Filipino) So yey for traffic!

Reason #5

I'm just plain lazy

That is all.

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