Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Reason of Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday, the faithful flock the churches attending mass and tries to receive the imposition of the cross to their forehead marked by ashes from burned palms from last year's Palm Sunday. Why do we celebrate such a tradition?

People tend to forget what really is the true meaning behind the tradition. As I receive the cross today, I observed that some people cut in line and elbow their way just to get their foreheads marked. Some receive the cross as a status symbol and end up bragging about it. But do remember that the reason why the cross is written using ash (and calling it Ash Wednesday) is to remind us that we all came from ashes and eventually in ashes we return. The cross symbolizes our acceptance as sinners who repent sincerely to God. The symbol, that even though we are powerful here on Earth, we are still a speck of dust to Him. Hope that you received that cross not just for the joy of Ash Wednesday, but for accepting your sins and believe in the Gospel.

Fact: Starting today, Hallelujah and Gloria will not be sang until Easter vigil. Loud instruments are temporary banned from the Church choir. Count 46 days from now and that day will be Easter Sunday.

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