Thursday, March 24, 2011

Review: Catch Me..I'm in Love

No people, the world hasn't come to an end yet. What you're seeing on my site is really a review of the local film Catch Me..I'm in Love starring Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson. I know it may or may not affect the credibility of my review but have you ever wonder why this movie earned 15 million pesos on its first day? What the hell is this movie anyway? Why on Earth do people watch it? Find out after the jump.

Let's cut to the chase, no sugar-coated review here. First off the ever so important story, If you look at it closely, the entire plot is all about the guy from a "higher class" and the girl from the "lower class". Yes folks, we still have caste system here. Probably because of Meteor Garden fandom back then. Anyway, the story progressed damn right predictably and the cliché is never ending. remember "A Very Special Love"? Well..replace John Lloyd with Gerald and you have Catch Me..I'm in Love. I know right?! But why, why do people still dig this? Why do they still watch this kind of film even though they know what's the story and what will the outcome be? The answer lies on the so called "kilig moments" Seriously, you can feel the intensity inside the theater during these moments and you will realize that every couple, every heart-broken individual can relate and/or emulate by the situation. Topped it up with the natural acting of Sarah Geronimo as a "lower class" girl (you can pair any guy with this talented girl and you can still achieve that poor girl persona) and you have a sure win formula.

Hollywood films may have the best story lines and/or the best effects, but it all boils down to what the people really want..that "kilig" factor that made this movie a top grosser.


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I know what you mean with easy and predictable filipino movies and I agree 100% that this movie is making money because of the kilig moments of the Sarah and Gerald. Congratulations the movie is worht seeing and really a feel good movie. Maalis ang problema ninyo, watch it!