Monday, April 11, 2011

Review: Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

Every smartphone that comes out in the market is always labeled as the "iPhone killer" and when Samsung introduced this budget-wise Samsung Galaxy S x iPhone love child, you can't help wonder if this is just one sick joke or it's now a new ball game.

Boasting a 800 MHz ARM 11 processor and 278 usable RAM. The Galaxy Ace is Samsung's way of giving cheap affordable Android phones that looks like the iPhone! Come on, with a P16,500 SRP you can't get wrong with this shiny piece of gadgetry.

Came packed with the not so latest Android Froyo 2.2, You can access the Android marketplace for thousands of free apps. Trust me, you'll spend lots of hours just looking for apps and trying each and every one of them.

But what about performance? Given that you bought this gadget to utilize each and every feature it have, You're in for a keeper. Multiply apps running on the background like Tweet Deck, Facebook app, Plurk and Angry Birds, you will never experience major slowdowns and application errors. That's a nice feat for a 800 MHZ processor IMO. The camera take decent shots especially if utilized the highest available resolution. The sound quality when playing music is awesome thanks to the DNSe sound enhancement. The bundled 2GB microSD memory might be a letdown but hey, you can upgrade to 32GB without any issues. Texting and calling is not an issue all thanks to Samsung's TouchWiz UI, at least there's no problem with the basics.

But like every gadgets, Galaxy Ace have its Achilles heel. The battery life might be too short for some people (like me!), well, let's say that if you use Ace as an "internet phone", it will took only 2-3 hours for the battery to drain. I guess that aspect may vary on each user anyway. But how I wish it has the strong battery life of an iPhone or even an iPod it will really make this gadget a sure winner.

Overall, if you're looking for an Android phone that's not too painful to your wallet, why go for 600 MHZ budget phones when you 'll add a couple of thousands more and you'll get a decent phone like Samsung Galaxy Ace.

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