Monday, October 31, 2011

Review: The Three Musketeers

A remake of a classic, The Three Musketeers departed from the traditional retelling of the legendary warriors of France. Is this a good move from the Director or will this be its downfall? The Three Musketeers was inspired by steampunk and flying ships. Add some "bullet time" and lots and lots of swashbucklery. A modern approach to the story gave this film lots of good entertainment. I must admit, if they stick to the old traditional retelling of the story, this movie would suck. Come on, hot women, lots of action and great destruction, what more could you ask for? The casting was great as each of the actors and actresses portrayed their character well. Milla Jovovich sexy portrayal of Milady de Winter upped the ante and I will watch this film over and over again just for her. The costume design was spectacular and the props make you feel you were really on that era. There is some minor detail, some items were not historically correct which I think was deliberately left out because the director is really aiming for a steampunk modern feel to an old story. The flying airship scenes reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean and the fight scenes well, reminded me of The Matrix. Overall, if you are looking for eye candy and value for your money, this movie is for you. Hot men for ladies and hot women for the gentlemen. Everyone is a winner.


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