Monday, January 02, 2012

New Year, New Blog Content?

So it's 2012 already? I haven't posted here since October 31, 2011 and it sure was a very long time ago (insert last year joke here) Anyway, to all my old time followers (are there any?) You may notice that my site has undergone a facelift. Yep, the old design was not not allowed by the Blogger team so I managed to get a template and edit some points of it so that my blog don't look like sh*t.

I think most of my followers got tired already because no decent update was made here for a while. I guess I owe it to my laziness and recent indulgence to photography. So as part of my "New Year's resolution" I'll be updating this site at least once or twice a week.

So what would be the topic for today's blog post?

Well..I'll just have a recap of what I've acheived last year and what would be my goal this year. Sounds boring right? Just bear with me here. This is my first post for 2012 anyway.

So as tradition to all other blogs out there, here is a list of all the things that I have accomplished last year and my goals for this year:

Achievements unlocked:

  • Got myself a shiny DSLR. A Canon EOS Kiss X4 (T2i or 550D to some country)
  • Got me a Samsung Galaxy Ace because my old China phone died on me
  • Got me a Sony Cybershot WX10 as a midyear bonus gift for myself
  • Got me a Sony NEX C3 as a Christmas gift for myself
  • Got me an Apple iPad 2 whoa!
  • Got deeply immersed into photography. This is one serious hobby indeed.
  • Got to lots of photo shoots, indoors and outdoors, also participated into pohtowalks like the Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk
  • Established Siopao Photography as a repository of my pictures
  • Finally experienced a trip overseas on my birthday. I went to Hong Kong and China biatch!
  • Promoted to Design Engineer II
  • Met new friends from various organizations like Quezon City Photography Club, Stalkerbugs and Sony Alpha Pinoy.
  • My face was placed on a billboard in EDSA all thanks to Globe.
  • Found my face at the pages of Digital Photographer Philippines
  • One of the pioneers in Google Plus which is not that awesome by the way
  • Soul got sucked by 9gag
  • Fell in love got hurt and all that crap
Goals for 2012:

  • Have more cosplay shoots (not those so called "shoots" at the many corners of Megamall)
  • Buy only one (1) gadget this year.  Five gadgets last year was too much!
  • Improve more on my portraiture shots. I need that model to pose out-of-this world poses!
  • Try more street photography. Started late last year, got to shoot more this year.
  • Try to control myself when I hear or read idiotic comments
  • Will try not to correct anymore people saying "iTouch" and "Naykon". I'll leave their stupidity to themselves
  • Try participating in sports or other activities that require me to move my darn arse
  • Not to get emotionally attached to some girl
  • Get out of the effin' friendzone
Of course my goals are subject to chance without prior notice, but you'll get the gist of it.

So that's all guys for today. Have a prosperous 2012 and don't ever think about the December 21, 2012 apocalypse okay?

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