Monday, February 06, 2012

Google's New Navigation Menu

Google announced before that they will be having a major revision of how you will navigate to the Google search engine.

 The current Google navigation menu

Here is an instruction on how to use this feature before it will be implemented in the future:

If you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 8+, open in a new tab, load Chrome's JavaScript console (Ctrl+Shift+J), Firefox's Web Console (Ctrl+Shift+K), Safari's Web Inspector or IE's Developer Tools (press F12 and select the "console" tab) and paste the following code:

document.cookie="PREF=ID=03fd476a699d6487:U=88e8716486ff1e5d:FF=0:LD=en:CR=2:TM=1322688084:LM=1322688085:S=McEsyvcXKMiVfGds; path=/;";window.location.reload();

The Google Chrome Java console
Press Enter and close the console. If successful, your Google home page should look like the one below. If not, try changing the to your local url (e.g. Enjoy!

 The new Google navigation menu

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