Sunday, April 08, 2012

How to Kill Boredom

I read a lot of complaints on my Facebook news feed today about people being bored because it's summer vacation already. Well guys, stop complaining and read this damn article.

There are many ways to get rid of that boredom, especially if you have the internet.

Play Facebook apps

The reason why Facebook has those millions of users is mainly because of its apps. Find an app that most of your friends play (yes, those annoying notifications you get from your friends). Avoid playing those games that require you to wait for a certain number of time to accomplish some tasks. Look for those that has the casual gaming elements (i.e. click click click hurray!). Be wary though that if you don't control yourself from playing, you'll end up being addicted to it.

Visit a comedy oriented website

I Am Bored is one of the popular website which has a collection of comedy stuff found all over the internet. 9gag used to be an underground gag site turned into mainstream due to the numerous Facebook posts associated with it. If you are in dire need of boredom killing then 4chan will suck all your internet time, you are warned.

If you're the type who don't understand the jokes found on the said websites then waste your time visiting Lolcats. Just remember that cuteness can kill you in large doses.

Take pictures and share

Sharpen those creativity of yours by grabbing your camera or mobile phone (assuming it has a camera) and take pictures of anything within a 100 mile radius. Take pictures of anything, seriously, everyone will look at it as art, as long as you apply some "effects" that can be free online or maybe already installed on your computer or mobile phone. For example, there is an app that's going crazy over the internet today and it's called Instagram. Take a picture of something boring, let's say a broken toenail, add some Instagram filters, add some witty captions and share it over your favorite social networking site. Instant popularity!

Read books

Before the popularity of the internet,  reading books were the favorite past time back then. Today, some read books because their friend told them so. Some read so they can understand what those people are talking all over the social networking sites. Only a few read books, well, just for fun. So if you're bored, go grab a copy of that popular book Hunger Games and don't forget to tell everyone on your social network that you're reading it to increase popularity ten times! Actually you don't really need to read the actual book because they'll wouldn't know anyway.

On a serious note, try reading books, especially those educational ones, reading can increase your general knowledge that may save you someday.

Call a relative or friend

You are bored, it means you have an ample amount of free time. Why not take the chance to call your mom, dad, sister, cousin, friend, neighbor, teacher etc. As you grew older, your time spent with your parents, siblings and relatives will be drastically reduced. Get in touch with them before it's too late.

Go out and enjoy

What are you doing inside your room reading this article? Get out there and smell the fresh air (if there's left). Let that sunlight touch your skin once in a while to get those vitamins.

Immerse yourself to sports like wake boarding (too expensive) cycling, and the recently popular, running. Almost every weekend, a "marathon" is held somewhere and you can join those marathons and you may win some prizes too! Make sure you join those with celebrities and never ever forget to post it on your social network for added popularity points!

There you have it folks, those are just a few suggestions, there's a lot more alternatives to kill that boredom of yours, so stop complaining biatches on Facebook!

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