Friday, November 16, 2012

First Bike Ride

This week past weekend was my first ride with my new bike,and it was a hell of experience. I bought my bike at Cycle Shack SM Megamall(due to credit card terms and big discount). So I tried to tale it home by standing in line at the taxi bay. An hour passed by and no taxi came. So I decided to try my luck at the fx terminal. The dispatcher agreed that I can put my bike at the back of the fx provided I play for the other seats. 2 hours passed and no fx insight. Turns out, EDSA became a huge parking lot. Luckily, a van came that was bound for Monumento. I took the chance and rode it. I arrived at SM Northed later and tried to take a taxi, but they don't want to. They say that my bike can scratch their interior. I had no choice but to use my new bike to ride home while wearing a huge backpack, a duffle bag and a body bag. I forgot how I managed to do that but I arrived home safely. But wait there's more! As I secure my bike, I noticed a huge dog poo at my front wheel! What a night!